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Scheduler software
January 2019


January 2019


October 2018

Scheduler 2.3.0

June 2016

Scheduler 2.2.0

June 2013

Scheduler 2.1.1

November 2012

Scheduler 2.1.0

September 2012

Scheduler 2.2.0 - Main Characteristics

November 2011

Scheduler - Shortcut List

Ctrl+N New
Ctrl+P Properties
Ctrl+O Open…
Ctrl+S Save
Ctrl+Maj+S Save as…
Ctrl+Q Exit
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+X Cut
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+T Add a day template
Ctrl+Supprimer Delete the selected day template
Ctrl+MajT Edit the selected day template
Ctrl+Alt+T Insert the selected day template in the calendar
Ctrl+Maj+ Move up the selected day template
Ctrl+Maj+ Move down the selected day template
Ctrl+E Add an event
Supprimer Delete the selected event
Ctrl+Maj+E Edit the selected event
Ctrl+Alt+E Repeat the selected event
Ctrl+ Move the selected event 1 minute ago
Ctrl+ Move the selected event 1 minute later
Ctrl+H View the list of events in HTML document
Ctrl++ ou Ctrl+molette souris Zoom +
Ctrl+- ou Ctrl+molette souris Zoom -
Supprimer Delete selected date(s)
Ctrl+Alt+D Selected/Add/Delete date(s) tool
Previous year
Next year
Alt+1 Day template edition
Alt+2 Calendar edition
Alt+3 Event properties
Day template list
Maj+ Selected previous day template
Maj+ Selected next day template
Day template edition
Selected previous event
Selected next event
Add and edit an event
Ctrl+A Add the command to the list
Supprimer Delete the selected command of the list
Ctrl+E Edit the selected command of the list
Select the previous command of the list
Select the next command of the list
Ctrl+ Move up the selected command
Ctrl+ Move down the selected command

System Requirements

The following lists the minimum system requirements for using Scheduler software:


The install utility creates all necessary folders and copies all files required by Scheduler software on your computer.

Known issues

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