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Show Control Editor software
June 2019

Show Control Editor

June 2019

Show Control Editor

April 2019

Show Control Editor

March 2019

Show Control Editor

May 2018

Show Control Editor

Arpil 2018

Show Control Editor

February 2018

Show Control Editor

January 2018

Show Control Editor

September 2014

Show Control Editor 2.3.4

February 2012

Show Control Editor 2.3.3

December 2011

Show Control Editor 2.3.2

May 2011

Show Control Editor 2.3.1

August 2010

Show Control Editor 2.3.0

January 2010

Show Control Editor 2.2.0

June 2009

Show Control Editor 2.1.0

April 2009

Show Control Editor - Main characteristics

Show Control Editor - Shortcut list

Ctrl+N New project
Ctrl+O Open a project file
Ctrl+S Save the project
Ctrl+Shift+S Save the project as…
Ctrl+B Build an SC2 file for Event Player (mkII)
Ctrl+Shift+B Build a SC3 file for Event Video Player
Ctrl+Q Exit
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+Shift+N Add/Delete DMX tracks
Ctrl+E Add an event at the cursor position
Ctrl+Shift+E Add an event at the selection position
Del Delete
Ctrl+X Cut the selection
Ctrl+C Copy the selection
Ctrl+V Paste at the selected position
Ctrl+Shift+V Paste at the cursor position
Ctrl+A Select all tracks of the project
Ctrl+Shift+A Deselect all tracks of the project
Ctrl+Page Up Maximal value
Ctrl+Page Down Minimal value
Ctrl+ Increase the value
Ctrl+ Decrease the value
Ctrl+P Change the progression type
Ctrl++ Zoom +
Ctrl+- Zoom -
Alt+ Move the selected track up
Alt+ Move the selected track down
Ctrl+Shift++ Enlarge all tracks
Ctrl+Alt++ Enlarge the selected track
Ctrl+Shift+- Reduce all tracks
Ctrl+Alt+- Reduce the selected track
Space / Ctrl+Space Play
Ctrl+Shift+Space Play from the beginning
Ctrl+Space Pause
Space Stop
Ctrl+Home Go to the beginning position of the project
Ctrl+Shift+ Previous page
Ctrl+ Previous step
Ctrl+End Go to the ending position of the project
Ctrl+Shift+ Next page
Ctrl+ Next step
Ctrl+Back Go to the cursor position
Alt+1 Show or hide the output contacts track
Alt+2 Show or hide the serial link track
Alt+3 Show or hide the event properties section
Alt+4 Show or hide the audio track filename
Alt+5 Show or hide the auuid track time rule
Alt+6 Show or hide DMX tracks label
Alt+7 Enable or disable the automatic event hiding
Alt+T Enable or disable the cursor tracking
Alt+H Enable or disable the Undo/Redo functions
Ctrl+R Enable or disable the real time DMX preview
Add/Delete DMX tracks windows (DMX Patch)
Del Delete the selected DMX device (track) into DMX channels mapping
Select the previous DMX track
Select the next DMX track

System requirements

The following lists the minimum system requirements for using Show Control Editor software:


The installer utility creates all necessary folders and copies all files required by Show Control Editor software on your computer.

Known issues

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